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We're Back!

Finally!! We are finally going to be able to get back out in the show circuit. What a loooong year it has been. We're excited to roll on in to the summer of 2021 and try to get some of our old normal back. We can't wait to see you all again at our shows and riding events!

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Stay safe and healthy, friends!

Wow, we've all been cooped up for quite a while already. This is crazy. Who would have ever thought we would see something like this in our lifetime? Something we can't control with all the knowledge we have at our finger tips?  We are so sad so many events are being cancelled for this summer. It's our favorite time of the year to get out and see all our favorite muckers and do some riding! We have some events planned at the end of summer, let's hope we can be back on track to our normal lives by then.  Until then, stay safe, stay healthy, and stay home. We will all be back together soon!

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3rd Anniversary Party

Wow! What a great event we held at the Throttle Bar and Grill in honor of our 3rd Anniversary! The new designs were a hit, tons of friends showed up, and we raised $300.00 and collected a bunch of feminine hygiene and regular hygiene products for The New Free Store, a local organization that offers clothing and home products to members of the community in need, for free. The best part, of course, was seeing our friends.  The winters get long here in the U.P., but soon we will all be out riding together again. The snow is melting, which makes us excited for ATV season to get here. Think Spring, folks!!

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Getting ready for the big 2020 design reveal

I have been one busy chickie! Busy creating new designs, researching new styles for those designs and trying to get all the stars to align.  I think we got it! Awesome new ideas in prints ordered, fabulous cool new apparel coming - and the last step will be getting them printed and ready for our big 3rd Anniversary Party and Sale on March 7th. I'll be sure to get the merch up on our website ASAP after our party. But... if you're a local, come join the fun that day. Check our FB event page for more details!

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