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Eh!mazing Expedition 2017

You know, we've been asked a few times recently, "are you a club?". I guess we have kinda become that! We do sales events, we do fun riding events, so I can see the confusion. Why can't we be a business and provide some entertainment too? No problem with that, is there? A few weeks ago we hosted the Eh!mazing Expedition which was our ATV spin based on The Amazing Race TV show. The Throttle was our venue and helped plan the day. We had activity stops, a photo scavenger hunt and a great dinner and happy hour to end our day. Check out the pics on FB. It was a hoot! So, are we a club? Hell yeah! We'll keep doing what we're doing. We love our customers and they've become friends. Next up to end the season, a Zombie Run. Looking forward to another fun day with all of our favorite Muckers!