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Fall is in the air...

Can you believe how beautiful our beloved U.P. is every fall? Crazy. If you ask me, this is the best time of year for a ride in the woods whether by ATV, Jeep, or Truck. You can hunt, stop for a walk, pop in to a friend's camp, have lunch at your favorite "in the middle of nowhere" bar-n-grill, and most importantly just have a great day with your significant other or friends, or even better yet - both!!. I love these days! I hope you are all getting to enjoy some of these things, too. The cover pic for this post is in our 'hood, no partridge to be seen on this day, but the next day the hubby got 5.

Snow is just around the corner, folks, so here's to hoping we can all squeak out a few more rides before then. As they say in the south, "Happy Fall Y'all". (We Yoopers would say Happy Hunting Season You'se Guys 😁)

Peace ~Love~Muck