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Snow, Snow and More SNOW!

What a winter we are having up here in the U.P. We have tons of snow and it's only January 7! Gahhh, our only hope is we will get an early spring, which only seems fair when the snow was dumped on us big time starting in November this winter.  I guess to get by, we will try to enjoy some other outdoor activities. The hubby likes to tool around on his snowmobile with his buddies, and I am excited to go down to Houghton Lake for the SxS ice races at Tip Up Town, and the following weekend head to Sturgeon Bay in WI to do some ice fishing with 3 other couples.  Now, it better be like "Grumpy Old Men" with a bunch of ice shacks out on the ice, or I will definitely be disappointed! LOL Hopefully we will catch some fish for the freezer. Gwinn has a new ice track this year, and we'd like to get to some of their events soon, as well. We hope our Mucked Up Nation out there is muddling through this already long winter, too. Stay strong and spend the winter working on your rigs in your garages - really, spring will be here before we know it!