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Who likes to party!?

Yayyy! It's holiday party time, and you know we like a great party!  There are a lot of events coming up the next few weeks to keep us in the social loop.Tomorrow is our Forsyth Snowmobile and ATV Club holiday party.  We have so much fun with our friends. A few of the girls are so creative with decorations, games, great food, ugly sweaters- it's always a great time.  Our favorite is pass the gift - you roll the dice and pass the gifts around the table, and you never know what you will end up with!  Then we have work parties, family parties, and I think next weekend we will hit the horse drawn sleigh rides at the Up North Lodge. Feeling festive and lucky to have so many friends. I look forward to the next few weeks - although my waist line may pay havoc for attending all of these. Look out jeans, me likes the cookies! Happy Holidays, get out there and have some fun!!