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Here come the Holidays!

Well, here it is, the most wonderful time of the year! Thanksgiving is just a few days away, are you ready?  We're so lucky to have our Moms and Grandmas around, all I need to make is a green bean casserole and bring the rolls to throw in the oven.  We enjoy a great meal and catch up with family at Grandma's. After dinner the tradition is everyone puts a buck in to play the card game Bullshit (yes, Grandma calls it that too lol). The first two out are the lucky contestants who get to do all the dishes - and I'm talking 20 people worth of dishes and pans. Last man standing of course takes the pot, and...

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Fall is in the air...

Can you believe how beautiful our beloved U.P. is every fall? Crazy. If you ask me, this is the best time of year for a ride in the woods whether by ATV, Jeep, or Truck. You can hunt, stop for a walk, pop in to a friend's camp, have lunch at your favorite "in the middle of nowhere" bar-n-grill, and most importantly just have a great day with your significant other or friends, or even better yet - both!!. I love these days! I hope you are all getting to enjoy some of these things, too. The cover pic for this post is in our 'hood, no partridge to be seen on this day, but the next day the hubby...

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Wow!  Our first ever "Girls only ride. Period." was a huge success. The premise of the ride was to gather as many women as possible, and for all to collect feminine products we could dispense to local homeless shelters, women's help centers, schools, and even a rehab facility.  We collected over $2200.00 in products that was shared out in the Marquette area!! The ride was a hoot as well. 62 women on 33 sxs and 4 wheelers dressed up in capes and masks for a SHEROES theme. All kinds of fun, including the Cupid Shuffle on a dirt road where construction workers came upon us and were wondering WTF is going on out here in the middle of nowhere? LOL...

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Spring is on the way!

Who's ready for the 2018 riding season?? Man, this snow can let up any time!  We are starting to book our vendor commitments, and trying to work some camping and riding weekends into our schedule as well. If you know somewhere we should be, shoot us a message so we can check it out. We love to visit new places/events and meet new people. Looking forward to another summer of fun!

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Eh!mazing Expedition 2017

You know, we've been asked a few times recently, "are you a club?". I guess we have kinda become that! We do sales events, we do fun riding events, so I can see the confusion. Why can't we be a business and provide some entertainment too? No problem with that, is there? A few weeks ago we hosted the Eh!mazing Expedition which was our ATV spin based on The Amazing Race TV show. The Throttle was our venue and helped plan the day. We had activity stops, a photo scavenger hunt and a great dinner and happy hour to end our day. Check out the pics on FB. It was a hoot! So, are we a club? Hell yeah! We'll...

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