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Skanee Run

There is nothing like a day out on the side by side hitting the trails with old friends and new! We had so much fun and shared a ton of laughs. The stops at Mt Vernon and 40 Foot Falls were beautiful. Billy The Finn's had an awesome menu and the food was great. Pit stops along the way were tons of fun. I recently read "You're vibe is your tribe". Boy is it true! We ATVers know how to have a good time together. Our common bond is just getting out there! What a FUN day! Thanks to our new friends for showing us some new sights and trails!

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AuTrain River

Changing up the ATV Sunday ride. This past weekend we went on our annual outing to canoe the AuTrain River. What a beautiful day! Sunshine, warm temps, a dip in the river - the things we yoopers dream about the other nine cold months of the year. I soaked up the peaceful day, enjoyed time with friends and looked around thankful I live in a place where this amazing beauty is right in our back yard. We had such a wonderful day. Wherever you live, take time to get out, detach, and enjoy nature once in awhile. It truly is good for the soul!

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Three Fires Off Road Park

    We are excited to announce we will be back at the Three Fires Off Road Park on September 2, 2017.  Of course, we always enjoy hanging out at the tent and peddling our "wears", but honestly, we will be fighting over taking turns running the sxs around the grounds and checking out all the crazy fun in the mud bog. If you've never been, come check it out. You can come for a day, or camp right there on site. You won't be disappointed!  

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Skandia Community Day - 7/15/2017

We're excited to participate in the Skandia Community Day events this year, and show our hometown pride. We'll be in the parade at 11:00 a.m. then immediately thereafter have our vendor tent ready to roll with our full line of merchandise, including a few new color T-shirts. Sponsored by our friends - The Skandia Lions Club.  Great community + music + beer + food + kids games + bounce houses + elephant ears + Mucked Up = a damn good time! Come hang out with us in Skandia, Michigan, the home of Mucked Up LLC!  

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